Decoding Male Psychology What Is The Secret Code To Unlock His Heart

How can you go about decoding male psychology? What is the secret code that will allow you to unlock his heart? What are the keys that will work? Let us look into decoding male psychology together.

What is in Your Heart?
Love is WONDERFUL. Romance, affection, a commitment, a proposal, a wedding and marriage are all things that most of us long for. We want Mr. Right, our Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and to love us. We want a boyfriend, a husband, a soul mate and a lover.

He would love us dearly and be devoted forever. It is normal to want those things. With that in mind, we are ready to start decoding male psychology.

What Would Unlock Your Heart?
If he would just understand you; if he would smile when you walked into the room; if he would look at you and smile, that would be great. If he would compliment you occasionally, that would warm your heart. You want him to be into you, to want you forever. Guess what? That is the first key to decoding male psychology.

What is in His Heart?
No doubt he wants the same things. He wants to fall in love with someone who understands. He wants someone who smiles at him and compliments him. Do those things for him and his heart may melt. Decoding male psychology is not that hard, is it?

Here is the Key
Make sure that you are a warm, lovable person. Make sure that you show him the warm personal attention that we mentioned earlier. Decoding male psychology tells us that you need to be caring and loving.

Do Not Slam the Door Shut
He will probably slam the door in your face if you dress in a sexy manner. If you act and dress as though you were just looking for a sexual hookup or a friends with benefits agreement; a fling, he will not respect you. He may fall for you, but it will have nothing to do with love and romance.

Open the Door
If you do these things, he may very well want a relationship with you. You will get more than chocolates and flowers. You may find your hearts desire. This can be the result of delving into decoding male psychology. May you live happily ever after.

Abortion Psychological And Spiritual Impact

Why some abort

Millions of women in nearly every country in the world abort yearly. In most countries abortion is legal, in some countries abortion is still illegal. Legalizing abortion makes it safer than that of illegal abortions, which can be more risky, but even legalized abortion carries with it risks.

Women have abortion for different reasons. An unwanted pregnancy is one. Another is the prenatal testing of the fetus, which might indicate that there is some type of congenital defect in the fetus. Sometimes that defect is major, such as in the case of Down’s Syndrome, at times it is minor or there is some possibility that there might be a birth defect.

In the U.S. perhaps 30% of pregnant teenage girls abort the fetus of their baby. In one large high school in Newark, the SAC coordinator and counselor stated that, “it seems like every girl that walks through these doors, (her office), is pregnant. (Other sources put the number at approximately 40%. See: Statistics in Adolesent Pregnancy. Teen Shelter Org).


Education and psychological effects

Education provides one solution towards preventing abortion. Girls need to be taught by their parents and through their public education, to respect themselves, their bodies, and learn the value of monogamy as well as how to avoid to what might lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Promiscuity carries with it a heavy emotional and psychological price tag. Abortion also carries with it emotional and psychological burdens which sometimes are long-lasting. It is said that even the fathers of the fetus that has been aborted, often times are in need of therapy because of guilt or grief over the lost life. (Kalish, S., May/June 2004. Psychology Today), Depression can result when a girl or woman has an abortion or series of abortions. It is not uncommon.

In many states, (New Jersey being one) abortion is permitted for minors without parental consent or even notification. In other words, a 13 or 14-year-old can become pregnant and go to the neighborhood Planned Parenthood and have an abortion without her parents being informed. (ACLU)

If a teenage girl becomes suddenly withdrawn or depressed, or behaves erratically, a hidden abortion might be one possible reason.

The grief or guilt that comes with having an abortion can last, for some, for decades, and some never fully heal emotionally, always wondering what or who that baby would have been. Having an abortion is not something to be taken lightly, even in the case of a baby with congenital defects. About 20% of woman who have an abortion have severe mental distress 5 years after the abortion, compared to around 2% who had miscarriages. (Health, BBC News. December 12, 2005).


Down’s Syndrome and Abortion

The majority of Down’s Syndrome babies are aborted in the United States. Not all children with Down’s Syndrome are equal in the severity of the disorder. Some are quite functional, and from working with a number of Down’s Syndrome children in special education, I can say honestly, very lovable and gentle, lovely. The alarming statistic of close to 90% of fetuses detected with Down’s Syndrome being aborted in the U.S. is of note.

Many Down’s Syndrome children attend school and learn, are well adjusted, and “make it,” when they are raised in a loving family. “I am so lucky I get to do so many things,” she concluded. I just want you to know, even though I have Down syndrome, it is O.K.,” said Sarah, 11 1/2 years old. (Harmon, A., May 9, 2007. New York Times).


Abortion – Coping With Guilt and Religious Issues

For those who have had an abortion and feel that they are depressed as a result, or who are having difficulty coming to terms with it, one’s faith and the spiritual or religious aspect of life does come into play. The grief of abortion goes beyond the borders of psychology and into the realm of religion.

Going to a therapist and talking things out can be of help, but, one’s relationship with God and working things out spiritually are of utmost value. If one feels guilt or has suppressed memories, or tends to block God out of the picture, as a result of an abortion, but has a desire to face the issue and overcome it, open communication with God about the specific situation is of value.

We can openly confess our sins to God and to each other. If we do this and pray for forgiveness, pray humbly for God’s help, then a person can recover from guilt or depression that might be associated with having an abortion.

One must realize also that God is merciful and kind. He does not burn people in hell, the Scriptures say that “God is love.” 1 John 4:8. Therefore, we can approach him humbly with an open heart, and ask for his help and forgiveness, and to restore our relationship with him, if it has in any way been damaged.

Psalms 103:7-10 is a beautiful scripture to meditate on. At the same time, we always want to strive to do what is right in His eyes, because God teaches us for our own benefit,” not to place unnecessary restrictions on us, but because he loves us and wants us to find happiness and a true purpose in life.

One other Psalm of note on the subject of abortion is what the Psalmist David poetically said, “My bones were not hidden from you when I was made in secret, Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.”

This is written from the viewpoint of an educator, research, observed psychology and from non-judgemental religious consideration of the subject. The author is an educator in the public school system, as well as a writer on children’s and teen issues, psychology. For more information, details and documentation on this and other articles, see, The Association for Natural Psychology.

Some of the topics considered are depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, as well as epilepsy, autism and related issues. The emphasis given consideration is non-pharmaceutical solutions and strategies, as well as building a network of coping skills in dealing with these mental health and neurological difficulties. Thank you.


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Home Interior Design Styles Wabi Sabi, Shabby Chic, And Design Psychology

Wabi Sabi, an ancient Chinese philosophy adapted by the Japanese and practiced by many Westerners today, presents an alternative way of living more than a way of decorating your home. However, you can adapt your interior and landscape design using Wabi Sabi principles for happiness.

“Wabi Sabi” (pronounced “wah-bee sah-bee”) was formalized as the Zen Buddhism tea ceremony evolved. Zen Buddhism originated in India, traveled through China in the 6th Century, and to Japan in the 12th century. The ancient wisdom of Wabi Sabi practitioners helps today’s busy home makers with interesting interior design ideas. Wabi Sabi interior design followers learn to relax, take time appreciate the beauty and simplicity of natural design, and to know that their home doesn’t need perfection to bring joy, which compares to our research findings in residential Design Psychology.

Before you relate Wabi Sabi to Shabby Chic style, understand that the Wabi Sabi way of life starts with simplicity, whereas Shabby Chic interiors often fill spaces with a lot of interesting finds, which can end up with too much to care for and eye clutter, according to Design Psychology principles. This lesson of too much design detail, which stops the eye and makes you feel overwhelmed, became apparent to us when we moved from our expansive Victorian home into a smaller house and had to choose the more important furnishings from the treasures discovered over ten years of collecting, both in antique and thrift stores.

If you want to makeover your home for joyous living, consider Wabi Sabi restraints along with Design Psychology principles:

Simplify your life and home design.
When you choose the best from your treasures, keep those accessories that support positive memories, regardless of monetary value.

Take pleasure from natural beauty.
Choose design details with colors, patterns, and textures similar to those found in nature, which feel harmonious to people because they connect us to the earth.

Appreciate your home and furnishings, no matter how imperfect.
When you love your home, this love shines throughout and makes it easier for you to clean and maintain. Your positive attitude brings you encouragement to find beauty all around, inspiring fresh ideas for home makeover projects.

Wabi Sabi beliefs include the principles of incomplete and impermanent designs, which parallel the Design Psychology principle that your home needs to grow and change, to support your changing lifestyle and emotional needs.

In contrast to Wabi Sabi’s use of modest and humble furnishings, Design Psychology appreciates the inherent beauty in all things. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and don’t feel guilty when mixing the humble with quality showpieces. I love my Italian Millifiore glass lamps sitting next to my Mexican Rose rock.

Like any good design theory, Wabi Sabi finds beauty in the unconventional. Your originality in design makes your home unique. Design Psychology practice avoids the use of furniture “groups” and prefers unique, individual pieces offering comfort. If you were tempted by a furniture set, such as matching sofa, love seat, and the three matching tables, don’t worry; just know that additional pieces don’t need to match perfectly and that blending styles and finishes makes unconventional, unique spaces.

Design Psychology supports fearless home makeovers, bold with colors to lend emotional support yet restrained, without overly-filled rooms, to provide backgrounds for people and harmonious living.

Similar to the Wabi Sabi tea ceremony, practice daily rituals in your home. Create a home to celebrate life, one full of tranquility and beauty. Choose your home interior design style to best support your happiness.

Copyright 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher. All rights reserved.

Grind Out A Winning Score Using Golf Psychology And Golf Hypnosis

Have you noticed how good some of the leading professionals are at grinding out a good score, even if they are swinging the club below their best or downright badly. It’s interesting to note that the real greats like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus always seem to be able to do this, however they’re playing, and whatever the “rub of the green” throws at them when they get to the last nine holes of a championship.

If I look back to my early years in golf, before I had any thoughts about golf hypnosis or golf psychology in general, I was lucky to have a fair amount of natural ability. At the same time, I was rather too inconsistent for my liking. It seemed that if I started out a round playing really well, but not scoring that brilliantly, then my golf would gradually go from good to bad to worse and I’d have a frustratingly high score. On the other hand, if I started off playing relatively badly, but scoring ok, then my golf would often improve as the round went on and I’d have a bewilderingly good score. What was really odd was that my score after 6 to 9 holes in these two types of round was often similar.

Back in those days, I was a member at Brookmans Park Golf Club and there was a fairly long and secluded walk around a small lake between the fifth green and the sixth tee. It was also quite common for there to be a bit of a delay on that tee, so all in all there was plenty of time to think. Over a couple of years I began to notice that I could predict my final score when I got to that sixth tee. If I was two over par or better and playing badly, I’d break 80 easily. If I was over par, even by just one shot, and playing really well, then I’d really struggle to break 80.

So what did I think I was doing back then and what could you do to avoid the same trap? Well, if I started out the round playing well and scoring badly, I used to interpret that as bad luck or blame the condition of the course for my dropping shots. I also tended to feel that my normally excellent short game had deserted me and try to find out what I was doing wrong. These thoughts rapidly become self-fulfilling prophecies as I found more and more external reasons for my poor scores. I was probably not a nice person to be with!

On the days when I started playing poorly but was scoring reasonably well, I used to marvel at how well I was scrambling. I just seemed to know that if I hit a bad shot, I could scramble a par and move on. As a result, the pressure to hit the ball well went away and I started swinging much more freely and naturally – today I’d call that trusting my unconscious golf mind.

There are many golf psychology, NLP and self hypnosis techniques that can help you if you have a similar problem. One of the best would be to use self-hypnosis or pre-record a golf hypnosis programme. Other golf mind techniques you can use for this include:

* Perceiving your bad luck as being good luck. So next time you get a bad lie on the golf course, remember to reframe it positively. Think how much worse it could have been and the shot you have to play won’t seem so difficult. You may find you enjoy your golf more as well

* Using an NLP resource anchor to help you manage your state. NLP anchoring provides a very effective method for stacking and anchoring our past resources and positive experiences. We can call upon these resources whenever we need them for golfing excellence.

Difficult Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Try Males Psychology

Using male psychology – The stun of seeing your boyfriend breakup with you is usually enough to cause you to make mistakes that could spell the end of your relationship. To add to your problems your friends and family will chip in with their advice. Of course the advice they give will be one sided because when your ex boyfriend hurt you, he became unpopular with the ones who love you.
What you must realize is, that love, hate, happiness or sadness are all emotions that are triggered by the psyche and what triggers the psyche is emotional hot buttons. If you get a raise at work or a good grade at school, it makes you happy, but if you get a failing grade or lose your job it will probably make you sad. These feelings are all emotional.
However good or bad things do not actually have to happen in order to trigger these emotional hot buttons, just thinking they might happen can sometimes be harder on your psyche than the actual happening and can cause you to do crazy things. In the case of losing your job, if you think it may happen, it can cause you to worry and fret so much that you might quit the job before you get fired.
What does all of this have to do with getting your ex boyfriend back? Everything! You can attack his psyche and cause him to react the way you choose, simply by getting inside his head and directing his thinking. In fact if you have been sending text and calling your ex telling him how much you miss him and will always love him, you are already effecting his psyche but in the wrong way.
As long as he knows he has you hooked, he can take his time about getting back together with you. Male psychology will tell you that a man will always desire what he feels he can’t have. As long as he knows he has you, he will take you for granted and his desire for you will be less. To give his desire for you a boost, you have to make your ex think you no longer want him.
While you have been chasing your ex boyfriend, you have been feeding his ego, but if you suddenly start ignoring him, the whole pattern changes. He will wonder why you do not desire him anymore and that will make his desire for you increase. Remember men want what they can’t have. By walking away, you will push his emotional hot buttons.
He will begin to remember your smile and the sweet things you do. Soon a void will be apparent in his life and he will begin to miss you. The natural thing to do when you miss something you have lost, is to try to get it back. Men are always receptive to a challenge and thinking he could be losing you for good will trigger many hot buttons inside of him and you should soon get your ex back.

Just as you are desirous of your ex boyfriend, such desire will make you miss him all the time. However just as it is, most dating relationships have the propensity of reconciliation when both ex lovers are able to see the possibility, open up for a change in approach. Trying to get an ex boyfriend back into a relationship with you will involve effort on your side. Do something about adding effort into your desire in the direction of reconciling with your boyfriend. Check out links below at Authors Box. to get expert advice for a fantastic plan of reconciling with an ex lover.

Color Psychology – How the Psychology of Colors Can Explode Your Income!

It’s fascinating how color psychology can influence anyone’s actions and behavior. In this article, you’ll discover some amazing ways to persuade people and skyrocket your profits using the power of color psychology.

If you want your product to represent power and authority, use black in your graphics and promotions. It is also a color of elegance and class, so this is also an ideal color to use if you’re selling high-priced quality materials. However, black may also represent evil or mystery, so be wary when using this color.

White symbolizes innocence and cleanliness. Medical people wear white to signify sterility. White is a neutral color that blends easily with any other color, but it is bland if used more than necessary. Use -white- if you want your products to represent neatness or purity.

Red arouses strong emotions and excitement. It grabs attention, that’s why most marketers who know color psychology use red in their headlines. Red is an extreme color that evokes passion, love and bravery. Red stimulates appetite, so it’s a good color theme if you have a food or restaurant business. If you want your prospects to feel excited about your product, especially if your product is related to love and romance, use red.

Studies in color psychology indicate that blue is one of the most well-liked colors, especially among men. It symbolizes peace, calmness, relaxation, and security. Despite being a favorite color by many, this color can make you -blue- or gloomy. Blue symbolizes loyalty, so wearing blue attire when going for a job interview or getting clients may actually help. Blue can ruin your appetite; so if you own a restaurant, never paint the walls blue nor serve food in blue plates!

Purple symbolizes luxury, wealth, and elegance. It also represents wisdom and mystery. If you have a product that exudes any of these qualities, purple might be a good color choice for you. The only downside is that purple may be perceived as artificial.

Read Part 2 of this fascinating color psychology article and discover how other colors can boost your income. Then grab a FREE course revealing powerful conversational hypnosis and persuasion techniques at http://www.20daypers

Energy Enhancement And Psychology

Here is an example of an interview I gave before our last course which we give both in Spain on the Costa Brava and in Rosario in Argentina.

“I was meeting a nice girl of 28 this morning here at our center in Rosario. She is a Psychologist but has fallen out of love with Psychology because although it explains things intellectually it gives no TECHNIQUES apart from talking to change anything internally, particularly in herself. You can see how effective Psychology is by looking at Woody Allen.

I connected with her base chakra and her inner child showed me all her chakras and blockages one by one. A very interesting experience. First the Base chakra, one fear and security blockage which I removed very quickly. Then the second, a pain filled relationship blockage which I also removed. Then all the chakras solar plexus, heart etc, feeling the general dirtiness of the psychic body usually cleaned with The Grounding of Negative Energies but no major blockages.

Then the head, two blockages, one a person who had just died, very deep and negative. I removed the first blockage but the other one was more difficult and stayed with me, absorbed by my psychic body, for a day before I sent it on.

She felt the movement of energy blockages in the head and in the body as my mind and energy was working on her and told me that she normally got a lot of headaches. She was interested in my exposition of Energy Enhancement as all the while I was working on these blockages I was also talking to her.

Such openings show an educated psychic body, one with talent. Not everyone who comes to the Guru has similar experiences. Some also get more. She and I felt that with training she also might be able to help her clients in a similar way. So, she is coming back tomorrow to try out the process, to get her first Initiation in Energy Enhancement.”

“The first day Satchi taught me how to sit. By moving the position of my posture slightly I could feel the flow of energy from the center of the earth into the center of the universe. Satchi explained that what I was feeling was Kundalini Energy. If I followed it, he said, It would lead me to Enlightenment.”
From the testimonial of Energy Enhancement Student Carla, Jan 2004

Siva Samhit, iii, 10-19: “Now I shall tell you how easily to attain success in Yoga, by knowing which the Yogis never fail in the practice of Yoga. Only the knowledge imparted by a Competent Teacher through his lips is powerful and useful; otherwise it becomes fruitless, weak and very painful.

And this is why – by coming into the Buddhafield of Energy surrounding Energy Enhancement Satchidanand obtained through many years of meditation with many enlightened masters, you obtain Shaktipat- an infusion of energy to help you get into a permanent state of meditation.

Swami Satchidanand is Director of Energy Enhancement Synthesis of Light which teaches 28 ancient and effective techniques to enable you to achieve control of your mind, an enhanced IQ, control over all your negative emotions, anger, fear, depression on the path of the ultimate Samadhi and enlightenment itself.

Energy Enhancement techniques have catapulted people years in their meditational experience in weeks. Some 5 years, some jump 10 times further! It helps people worldwide reach further than they EVER thought possible, FASTER!!!

How to choose a psychology school

Choosing a psychological school is probably no less important passing successfully your final exams. As a matter of fact your decision regarding psychological schools will determine the fulfillment of your expectations.

So, how to choose the right school? It is actually not as difficult as it may seem. You only need to focus your attention on whether your future psychological school meets certain standards. If your future school is up to these standards be sure you will enjoy the highest level of education.

Here are these standards: 1.Psychology school curriculum. Does the curriculum seem interesting and efficient? Try to find out if the school has modern equipment to be in accordance with the curriculum.

2.Clinical sites and internships. Where you will do your internships? What sites are supposed to serve this aim?

3.Is this school accredited? It is very important. School should be accredited for your degrees to be accepted.

4.Who accredited psychological school? Psychological schools are accredited by specialized associations. Your future employers will look at this point.

5.When will it be accredited? Although it is better to choose accredited schools you can still choose one that is seeking to be reviewed for accreditation.

6.What education and experience do your teachers have? Education and experience of teachers is very important, as the role of teacher in your studies cannot be underestimated. The majority of university professors should have a Ph. D. in their area of expertise, and junior college teachers should have at least a M.A degree in the subject they teach.

7.How much is tuition? How much is the rest? Tuition you are to pay shouldn’t be more expensive than tuition of the kind in regular universities. It is likely to be less. Make sure there are no hidden fees and things like that.

8.Will I need any additional software? The majority of online programs offer all the materials you need directly from their site. However, some ask their students to buy supplemental software by themselves.

9.What do you need for studying process? Of cause, a computer capable to run up to date multimedia and software is an obligation. There will always be online work, so you computer is to be connected to the internet.

10.How many students does each teacher assigned with? Teachers with too many students don’t have time to apply individual approach successfully. Overburdened teacher is unlikely to help you if you are falling back or, to the contrary, strive for better results.

A Forensic Psychology Degree Offers A Rewarding Career

It can take a number of years to go through all of the schooling you need for your forensic psychology degree. The time that you spend in school is very valuable though, and it is going to prepare you for one of the most fun and exciting types of careers imaginable. In addition to excitement, becoming a forensic psychologist is going to pay well, and knowing that you are going to be able to make a decent living is very important in todays world.

The thrill and reward that most with a forensic psychology degree crave are the interesting cases. When you enter this field, you are working with law enforcement and in other areas of the criminal justice system. In addition, you are getting to study some the criminal mind personally. Rather than reading about case studies, you will be able to conduct interviews with the criminals, create profiles, help the police catch arsonists, killers, and more. You will find that there will be plenty of things to keep your mind active in this career, and that is one of the hallmarks of a good job.

Getting a forensic psychology degree and landing a job in the field does take time, as mentioned earlier. You have to make sure that you spend time looking for the right school that will have the programs needed to give you the education and skills of a psychologist. You will find that many schools dont have specific programs for forensic psychology.

However, they will have all of the classes you are going to need to get a psychology degree and subsequent masters degree or doctorate. You can take criminology and sociology courses that will help you get a job as a forensic psychologist. According to recent reports, the career of forensic psychologist is going to be in high demand in the coming years. Now is a great time to start going to school and getting your degree in the field.

Getting your degree and finding a job is the first part of your career. You will also want to make sure that you keep up with studies and research to keep on top of the field. Things may not change often in the realm of psychology, but the laws do change. You have to understand and balance both the law and your psychology training. This career is demanding, but it is also one of the most rewarding.